About us and our field of activity.
« ELIPS TEKSTIL », the company has been based in 1995 year in Turkey. And since 2003 year it is the leader among the companies of textile branch in Republic of Uzbekistan.  
Since 2003 the company « Elips Tekstil » directly carried out the activity on equipment of some the textile enterprises in Uzbekistan.
« Elips Tekstil » has been the proud supplier too many textile machinery.
We have already set up a good reputation in the world markets, due to our excellent management system and good after – sales service.
During these years we supply varies models of machines such as Circular Knitting Machines, Flat Knitting Machines, Dyeing Machines, Winding machines, Hosiery Machines, Textile Laboratory Machinery and Equipments, Machines for Quality ?ontrol of finished goods, Machines for furnishing of textile materials Raising machines, Brush Sueding machines, Shearing machines, etc., Machines for knitting gloves, Spinning Roll Shop Maintenance Equipment, Compressors, Equipments for all above stated machines.
Also « Elips Tekstil » began to supply by all kinds of spare parts on the equipment presented by us.

 Service and plant.
Basing on the principle that customers’ interests always come first, we constantly devote in R&D to develop new, advanced products to meet the demand of the international market and the requirements of our buyers.

Reliability and experience.
Our engineers have rich experience in product R&D, production management and quality control. For this reason, we are confident that we can supply an excellent quality products, competitive price and superior service.
« Elips Tekstil » at any moment provide perfect after services and technical support to our clients. Our service is the previous sales and after sales service.
Our Aim towards our Clients.
“Our aim in partnership is not only provide , important customers for us, by the Highest Quality, Latest Technology equipments at Competitive Price, but also to assist them every step of the way, helping to solve their query and superior service, independently of kinds of machines.”


Yunus Abad district
Amir Temur street, 94
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Tel/Fax: +998 71 234 87 79
Akasya Sk. No: 7/45
Merter - İstanbul/TÜRKİYE
Tel: +90 212 637 70 00 pbx Fax: +90 212 637 70 09
Web: www.elipstekstil.com e-mail: elips@elipstekstil.com